Dingmans Ferry Bridge

Dingmans Ferry Bridge

Dingmans Choice and Delaware Bridge Company

Tolls and Restrictions

Toll Rates Effective May 1, 2012

Weight limit: 4 Tons
Height Limit: 11 Feet
Buses and tractor trailers prohibited.
Flatbed wreckers with car on bed prohibited.
Steep penalties for vehicles that exceed the maximum height or weight limits.
No pedestrians allowed
Books of 40 tickets are offered for sale at the toll house for $30 (effective 4/20/2015)
Passenger Cars, SUVs, Small Vans, Pickups w/4 tires & Motorcycles$1.00 or 1 ticket
...with trailer$2.00 or 2 tickets
Other vehicles within weight limit$2.00 or 2 tickets
...with trailer$3.00 or 3 tickets
Wreckers with car in tow$3.00 or 3 tickets

Receipts available on request

Any vehicles that exceed the maximum weight of 4 tons, or the maximum height of 11 feet,
will be charged a penalty of $50.00 for the first offense
and $100 for any subsequent offenses.